Dehumidifiers & Driers

DehumidifierDehumidifierRemove moisture, condensation & dampness from the air, walls & ceilings with our simple to use standalone portable dehumidifiers.  Dehumidifiers quickly remove moisture from the air and from within structural materials, typically used during modern construction and wet trade drying and post fire and flood drying.  

Building dehumidifiers effectively speed up the drying process by drawing in the moisture content preventing the build-up of fungus and rot.

Dehumidifiers work best in temperatures of 20°Celsius see our heating section or ask about our heating, dehumidification and drying packages available for immediate hire. ENQUIRE NOW >>

Air Movers and Purifiers

Air Movers & PurifiersAir Movers & PurifiersAir movers are ideal for demanding applications such as construction sites & flooded areas and deliver a cost effective and portable drying solution, perfect for use alongside our dehumidifiers. 

Air purifier units purify the air affected by dampness and the high efficiency particulate air filter is capable of filtering 99.97 percent of all particles removing dust, pollen, bacteria and allergens.

Air cleaners remove airborne contaminants including smells, smoke, allergens, moulds etc and are ideal for domestic, office, retail and remediation applications. ENQUIRE NOW >>

Water Pumps and Extractors

Water Pumps & ExtractorsNeed fresh clean air, free of dust, gases & vapours? We offer a number of extract / ventilation fan hire options suitable for whatever application you require!

These versatile units are perfect for ventilation, extraction and fresh air supply, ducting is also available.

Water pumps and extractors are also available to get rid of excess water fast. 


Package 1Package 2Package 3

Our specialist hire packages will help to ensure your building is dried and ventilated quickly and efficiently. Each package includes one of our highly efficient portable dehumidifiers, an electric or gas heater and an air circulation fan.  The dehumidifier removes the moisture from the air, whilst the heater and fan accelerates the process by circulating warm air throughout the damaged area.

Package one, is ideal for drying out an average sized living room or classroom area, whilst package two can be used for larger areas. Package three also includes an air mover to help dry out carpets and flooring. ENQUIRE NOW >>

Emergency Flood Lighting

Emergency Flood LightingEmergency Flood LightingWhen a cut in power occurs or when working within buildings or areas without adequate lighting it can be crucial to get a lighting solution in place as soon as possible to ensure safety and productivity.  

Single and double halogen lights with tripod are suitable as temporary lights in poorly lit areas in a power cut or onsite where safety and bright lighting is required.  Generators are available to use on site. ENQUIRE NOW >>

Emergency Fluorescent Lighting

Emergency Fluorescent Lighting Emergency Fluorescent Lighting Our emergency and temporary lighting solutions provide illumination to where you need it fast.  Robust tripod lights provide temporary illumination for larger areas.  The light can angled to your desired position and is ideal for onsite Jobs where bright light is required.

The up light low energy light has high output and can give 360° illumination with the option of being able to link in multiples.  Self-righting with a separate light and base you can position this light anywhere without knocking it over.  Generators are available to use on site. ENQUIRE NOW >>