Mobile Air Conditioning Solutions

Mobile Air Conditioning Mobile Air ConditioningFor Office or localised cooling in a larger space, Monobloc mobile air conditioners are simple to install, operate from a 13a supply, are easily moveable and designed to blend with their surroundings.

Using a built in thermostat, room temperature is controlled automatically, leaving your staff cool and comfortable.  The units are simple to use and can be operational within minutes.  Split type air conditioners in capacities of up to 7.3kw have a separate heat rejection module, which is placed outside the area being cooled.  
At the turn of a switch, mobile air conditioners create a cool and safe working environment for your staff and your IT equipment. ENQUIRE NOW >>

Mobile Air Cooling Solutions

Mobile Air CoolingMobile Air CoolingEvaporative coolers provide an excellent alternative to Air Conditioning units where access to the outside is difficult or impractical.

Requiring minimal installation and connection to a 13A supply, these coolers can generate temperature reductions of 5oC and in various capacities are ideal for both commercial and heavy industrial applications.

Evaporative coolers will deliver up to 1750m3/h of cooled air for localised comfort cooling.

Easy to use, fully portable and very reliable, evaporative coolers are perfect for use in offices, workshops, marquees, shops, hotels and restaurants or even at home. ENQUIRE NOW >>

Powerfan Coolers

Powerfan CoolersPowerfan Coolers

For commercial or industrial applications, these high performance fans can provide relief from heat when the installation of permanent or temporary air-conditioning equipment is not possible for either practical or financial implications. ENQUIRE NOW >>

Powercool Precision Spot Coolers

Powercool Precision Spot CoolersPowercool Precision Spot CoolersWith up to a 20kw cooling capacity, powercool mobile spot coolers are extremely versatile and have many applications beyond comfort cooling, for example maintaining the temperature of heat sensitive equipment like computers and servers or production machinery.

They remove the warm air which is ducted to the outside or into a ceiling void and are simple to install, only requiring connection to a 13a supply. ENQUIRE NOW >>